I love spring

I'm drawing a whole scene for spring time.


6/14/20241 min read

Springtime brings a delightful symphony of chirping birds, whose cheerful melodies fill the air as they dig worms out of the soil. I love watching these industrious birds, their beaks busy in the earth, a testament to the season's renewal. The sight of bunnies running across the meadow, with their swift movements and playful antics, always brings a smile to my face. They dart through the fresh green grass, embodying the energy and vitality of spring. Jumping frogs add to the lively scene, their sudden leaps and croaks creating a sense of excitement and spontaneity. Each element, from the birds' busy foraging to the bunnies' playful runs and the frogs' energetic jumps, weaves together a vibrant and dynamic tapestry of springtime that I cherish deeply.