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About Me


Turning fifty was a big milestone for me. I had a fulfilling life with a loving family and a successful career but there was a void within me. This was a subconscious battle between my needs and wants. I knew I needed to be stable, keep a job, be pragmatic but doing these things wasn’t making me feel fulfilled. As a child, I had always been fascinated by art and drawing. I even considered this as a career option at one point. Unfortunately life circumstances pointed me in a different direction.

In school my artistic talents were quickly noticed by my teachers. A few times my teachers told my parents about my talents. My parents could not have cared less. To them art was a penniless profession and they actively discouraged me from pursuing it in any way.

I went on focusing on my studies. I drew once or twice in college because my parents weren’t there to criticize me for it. Eventually, I became so caught up with school and getting a job I stopped doing any art. I went on to build a life for my family. As my children grew and my responsibilities lessened, my unfulfilled longing resurfaced.

With the encouragement of my children who have also inherited my love for art, I decided to pick up the pencil and begin to draw. At first, the lines were hesitant and unsure, but as I allowed myself to get lost in the process, something magical happened. Memories of my childhood aspirations flooded back, and I felt a sense of liberation I haven’t experienced in years.

I started with simple sketches – a hedgehog, an elephant, a playful cat. I spent hours getting lost in my artwork, gradually regaining my confidence and improving. I watched online tutorials and read books on drawing technique.

In order to keep myself accountable, I started to upload my daily drawing on tik tok and youtube. To my surprise, people admired my work and were captivated by my stories. My greatest satisfaction isn't just from the act of drawing, but also the way I can share my stories and experiences with others.

My story resonated with people of all ages. I think it’s because people of all ages have unfulfilled dreams. I hope to become an inspiration to those who have set aside their dreams due to circumstances or responsibilities.

My next birthday will no longer be just another year, but a year filled with rekindled dreams and passions. I have learned that it's never too late to pursue what truly sets my soul on fire. My journey of picking up drawing again after being denied the opportunity as a child is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of following one's heart.

I hope my story is a reminder to everyone that dreams deferred can still be realized. The passionate and creative flame within can be reignited no matter the age or circumstance.