Learning Drawing Day 4: A Cat

I drew a cat for day 4 of learning drawing.


4/12/20241 min read

In my early stages of learning drawing, I often felt a mix of excitement and hesitation with each line. For example my hand trembled slightly as I started with the outline of the cat's body. Uncertainty lingered in my mind, wondering if the proportions were right or if the lines were too shaky.

As I drew the eyes, I hesitated and feared that they might end up looking uneven or misshapen. I paused before drawing the ears worried about symmetry and whether they looked natural or overly exaggerated. As for the whiskers, I tried to ensure they were evenly spaced and gracefully arched. When I drew the tail, I tried my best to capture its graceful curve. By the time I was done with my drawing, I was exhausted.

Overall, my hesitant lines reflected the natural apprehension that comes with learning a new skill. However, each line also carried determination and a desire to improve, laying the foundation for continued growth in my drawing abilities. I hope that my learning drawing journey will inspire you to pursue your passion.